Summer Arrives at our Day Centre – June 2013

Clients and volunteers made the most of the beautiful sunshine this month. There was a lot of activity outdoors in our heritage garden. It’s the ideal location to sit and enjoy some ice-cream after a leisurely stroll or putting on the green or using the exercise equipment. This garden is completely enclosed with a safe walkway all around.


June 2013 (23)


 June 2013 (29)







We had music sessions outside this month which brought a real sense of summer to the Centre.

Day Centre June 2013 106

We are delighted to have our horticultural area up and running with the addition of a poly tunnel and raised bedding. So far we have lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers amongst others sown on specially designed troughs. These ingredients are being used by our catering department. Lovely flowers are blooming in our mobile raised planting beds. For the remainder of the year we will be planting vegetables and plants from seed and with the gentle care from our clients these will be transplanted around the grounds when strong enough. Our catering manager Grey Makoni visits every day to pick from these ingredients for our meals.

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John Conroy brought a fantastic sense of fun and enjoyment to his exercise sessions using a variety of equipment to promote health and mobility 

Day Centre June 2013 080


Clients took part in a variety of activites this month including brooch making, flower arranging, ceramics, needlepoint, horse shoe throwing, indoor sports and laughter yoga. Mary Woods made beautiful cakes and buns to celebrate the many birthdays held in the Day Centre this month.

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Summer Arrives at our Day Centre – June 20132019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00


Keeping the old tradition of weaving alive we had a wonderful interactive session provided by Geraldine O’Sullivan from Shanon Heritage on our old spinning wheel. The history and materials for this craft were discussed and was a great source of interest

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Clients made their own pottery pieces Day Centre May 2013 077

We had our Afternoon Tea Evenings during which we had great entertainment from Shay Callaghan, Noel O’Donoghue and friends and Bernie McDonald

Day Centre May 2013 095

Day Centre May 2013 104






Day Centre May 2013 066

A knitting project produced beautiful baby’s vests to be sent to the Missions in Africa

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The Hunt Museum facilitated an introduction to their service and in addition to providing us with information and a slide show they also brought along beautiful costumes and artifacts for us to enjoy

Day Centre May 2013 121Day Centre May 2013 142





The Arts Council engaged with us for Bealtaine and provided an Art Work Shop with Lorraine Wall which produced wonderful creative pieces which we plan to make into a collage of everyone’s work

Day Centre May 2013 008

The weather was not kind to us so we had some great fun indoors playing sports of different kinds

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We had birthday celebrations and baking demonstrations and combined them both on several occasions to mark those special days for our clients

Day Centre May 2013 043

 Day Centre May 2013 040




We were delighted to have Tom and Margaret from Tennessee, USA with us for 2 weeks entertaining us with their music and singing and also Margaret held ‘Instant Water Colour Classes’ for clients and they painted some beautiful scenes.

This project is a collaboration with Deirdre O’Brien Vaughan in which we hope to have various international skilled volunteers visiting our Day Centre and taking part in our daily activities

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 Finally, our Clare Rose, Marie Donnellan joined us and was so generous with her time and met with each client and volunteer from her home town of Newmarket-on-Fergus

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President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins performed the official opening of our
beautiful heritage gardens on Sunday May 12th accompanied by his wife Sabina.
The renovation project was supported with funding from LEADER.   Ralph Wickham who designed the gardens included not only visual but tactile elements as well as Horticultural Therapy units and a Music Garden.   Included in the renovations was the installation of a ‘Tone Zone’ or Outdoor Gym by Murphy Playground Services.  These facilities not only enhance the lives of our residents and those who attend the Day Care Centre but will also benefit the wider community.

Cedar of Lebanon tree at Carrigoran.









President Higgins planted a beautiful rare ‘Bird Cherry Tree’ in Irish ‘Donnroisc’ to commemorate the occasion and unveiled a ‘Rolling  Stone’. He delivered a memorable speech in which he reminisced about his childhood in Ballycar and his memories of the local area of which he is very fond.

tree planting



Ralph Wickham assists
President Higgins planting
a Cherry Tree.






The Rolling Stone
commemorating the
Restoration of the Walled Gardens.





 Lucy Hastings, former primary school teacher to President Higgins, presented him with a ‘Cedar of Lebanon’ tree to plant in the Aras echoing the magnificent specimen which dominates the walled gardens.  President Higgins spent much of his time meeting and taking photographs with the people gathered much to everyone’s delight. He was very appreciative of the warm welcome he received
on his first official visit back to his old Parish.



A proud teacher with her former pupil.

Sr Christina Welcomes President and Mrs Higgins.

Sr Christina Welcomes President and Mrs Higgins.









Forever Young

Musical performances were given by members of ‘Forever Young’ Choir and young  Harpists from Deirdre O Brien Vaughan’s  Irish Traditional Music Institute.

Mary Arthur Patracia Daly

President Higgins and Mrs Higgins mingled with many old friends and neighbours.


Spring Time Activities & Entertainment – April 2013

There was a lot of planting and appreciation of flowers, colour and new life in the centre this month

Day Centre April 2013 087  Day Centre April 2013 058








Clients enjoyed getting involved in pottery making with the assistance of Marie Rice.

Day Centre April 2013 010 Day Centre April 2013 005





We enjoyed the beautiful singing once again of Bernie McDonald from Shannon and we had great traditional tunes provided by Eddie Moloney and Kevin Ryan.


Our monthly tea dance was a great success with Shay Callaghan playing music and our clients, volunteers and transition year students taking to the dance floor

Day Centre April 2013 070Day Centre April 2013 081





Our art class were producing beautiful paintings and our knitting and crochet group were as busy as usual

Day Centre April 2013 047

Day Centre April 2013 054





Our Intergenerational Project concluded having been in progress since February with the students from St. Caimins School in Shannon. The theme of this project was building a bridge between both generations. Students and clients designed, constructed and painted this symbolic bridge as a project. Another project produced a beautiful gardening collage that represents the flora in our heritage walled garden, the knitting project made a wall hanging and tea cosies as a result of clients teaching the students this traditional skill. The fourth project involved clients passing on the tradition of hurley making and the skill and knowledge of local fishing to the students including how to make their own fishing flies

Day Centre April 2013 018

Day Centre April 2013 024





Our cookery demonstrations were as popular as every and this month Mary Russell and Mary Woods made apple tarts, scones and fairy cakes.


Spring Time Activities & Entertainment – April 20132019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00


   DayCentreWelcoming CommitteeApril 8th was a beautiful sunny day which set the scene for Minister of Health, Dr. James Reilly to officially open our Day Centre in the company of so many friends, clients and supporters of Carrigoran down through the years. There was a fabulous warm and friendly atmosphere and a wonderful day of celebrations. 

 Ribbon Cuttingunveiling plagueWe had the cutting of the ribbon performed by Minister Reilly and clients of the Day Centre; Mary Collins (Newmarket-on-Fergus), Lena Stewart (Kilkishen) and Walter McGee (Shannon)



EntertainmentFood ServiceThere was chat, food and drinks all going on to a beautiful backdrop of music and laughter




Bishop Kierans BlessingMinister SpeechBishop Kieran performed blessing of the new centre and Minister Reilly endorsed the quality service that Carrigoran is providing across all continumms of care for its community


Activity Room

Mary Cusack

Minister Reilly met with clients in attendance and walked the entire facility meeting our wonderful volunteers, friends, family and staff. Carrigorans dog Cara also made her appearance


OFFICIAL OPENING OF OUR DAY CENTRE – April 8th, 20132019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00

Intergenerational Project – Building A Bridge Across the Generations

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 180

We have just completed our first intergenerational project between the clients attending the Day Centre on Wednesdays from the Sixmilebridge, Kilkishen and Cratloe areas, and the transition year students from Sr. Caimins School in Shannon. This has been a wonderful experience for both groups who participated in 4 seperate projects over a number of weeks. In addition to the project both groups got to know eachother, played board games and the students played music to which everyone danced and enjoyed.

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 093

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 177

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 173

Students designed, constructed and painted a bridge which symbolises the bases on which this project was based. This was done under the stewardship of one of our clients, Mr.Jim O’Brien from Cratloe who has a background of having worked in engineering while in the army.

Day Centre Moynihan March 2013 010






The Gardening group consisted of students and clients who had an interest in gardening and between them they identified some of the many plants, trees and flowers growing in our heritage walled garden and produced a beautiful collage

Day Centre April 2013 022









The Knitting Group worked together on producing a lovely wall hanging. In this group the ladies were passing on this skill and tradition to the students. They also made beautiful tea cosies

Day Centre April 2013 065

Day Centre April 2013 018











The hurling and fishing project was spear headed by Jack Lynch, Pat O’Brien and Ger Bentley from Sixmilebridge and Cratloe. They passed on the vast knowledge they have to the students on how to made a hurley (which was made for the project by Jack), the fishing locations in our locality and the types of fishing flies best suited.

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 091 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 155







Intergenerational Project – Building A Bridge Across the Generations2019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00

A Day at the Races – March 2013

There was great excitement around the Cheltenham Races and they were watched with interest on our big screen in the foyer by all of our clients on the day.

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 139







Ladies made a special effort to look even more glamorous than usual wearing beautiful hats and danced the afternoon away

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 170


Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 169

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 152Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 163

A Day at the Races – March 20132019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00

Easter Fun & Activities

Easter was celebrated beginning with a cookery demonstration by Mary Russell and Mary Woods (both volunteers) on how to make and decorate an Easter Themed Cake

 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 215 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 221The finished product with lovely queen cakes were enjoyed at our tea dance later that day


Great dancing and enjoyment by client, volunteers and staff to Shay Callaghan before the days end


Our art groups painted spring and Easter scenes

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 186 Day Centre Moynihan March 2013 002

 All clients helped to decorate several mini trees throughout the day centre with Easter eggs and ribbons






Clients made their own Rosary Beads for Easter Week

Day Centre Moynihan March 2013 007




Easter Fun & Activities2019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00

Saint Patricks Day Celebrations

Our Day Centre was a sea of green and activities and celebrations were enjoyed by all. There was music, song and dance throughout the week.

Clients made beautiful cards for their families and friends and got into the spirit by dressing in green and sporting funny accessories

Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 148 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 196 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 100 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 129 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 134 Day Centre Jan 2013 to March 2013 175

Saint Patricks Day Celebrations2019-08-30T11:13:24+01:00


The DayCentre’s first month in operation was a hive of activity. Clients attending from our catchment areas were busy identifying what activities they would like to get involved in and getting to know each other and familiarising themselves with all the options our facility has to offer.

A number of different interests are being pursued including knitting &crochet, cookery, exercise, singing & music, arts & crafts, newspaper discussion groups, gardening and many more.

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