Employee of the Month

This year Carrigoran House has instigated an award for Employee of the Month.
We are now half way through the year and  many worthy employees have received
the award.  The Residents also join in the celebration party which is held in the Dining
Room at Carrigoran House and a great tribute is paid to each winner.

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Baking Day

Many hands make light

One of the most enjoyable delights in life must be the smell of something nice
baking in the oven.  Liam has been bringing together many of the residents and cooking
up a storm.  We are all licking our lips waiting for the day’s baking.  Of course many
of our Residents have their own version of the recepies and its always interesting to
see how each cake or tart will turn out but so far all have been delicious.  We all look
forward to the cup of tea and the verdict on each baking day.
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Spancil Hill Visit by Residents of Carrigoran House

The traditional Mid Summer Horse Fair is a big day in the calander for many who
enjoy the world of horses.  It is also a big day for some of the residents of Carrigoran
House who enjoy the annual outing to the Fair.  Paula and Pat organised a group
to attend and were given a guard of honour by a large JCB which cleared the path
for the Carrigoran Bus to drive stright into the field.  Our Residents really enjoyed the
whole event where they met up with many old neighbours and friends.
The day got even better when they were invited back to a house to join a party. 
To their surprise they were wined and dined and given a fantastic welcome by a very
generous and well know local man and his family.

A very happy group arrived back to Carrigoran House in the late evening tired but delighted with themselves.  Well done to Paula and Pat for organising the day out.


Spancil Hill Visit by Residents of Carrigoran House2019-08-30T11:13:27+01:00